Hello world!

Welcome to my brand new blog.  This is actually the third blog I have started, and since the third time is a charm, here’s to hoping this one will stick.  I started my first blog when my kids were pretty little and my life was crazy busy.  I blogged about family life and being a mom of five kiddos…yes, I said five!  I ended up deleting that one after numerous attempts to keep it going while maintaining my sanity.  My second attempt at blogging started about a year ago when I first became passionate about health and wellness.  I blogged pretty consistently about healthy living for several months and then, well, life happened and I let that blog go too.  Now, for the third attempt.  I started this blog because I love to write and share ideas with others.  I want to reach as many people as I can with the message of freedom, hope, and healing that Christ offers us.  My blogs will be about health, family, church, God, and life in general.  My prayer is that this blog will be a source of encouragement to you.  So, hang on, here we go again…


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