Winds of Change…Again

I’m sitting out on the deck with my computer and my love enjoying a June evening, and basking in the joy of having accepted a nice offer on our home today.  It’s such a beautiful evening, but every once in a while the wind kicks up and my hair blows all over the place.  Living in Colorado, I should be used to the wind in the spring and early summer, but it always seems to annoy me greatly.  The physical wind I feel on my face reminds me of the winds of change that are about to come upon me once again.  It’s exciting and yet sad and scary at the same time.

Tomorrow we begin the search for a new home – a home for a family of five instead of seven.  Our oldest son left for college three years ago and our second oldest is leaving in two months.  Our kids are growing up and leaving home.  It’s only 7 years until the youngest of the five will fly the nest and we will be empty nesters.  Wow.  It seems like yesterday that we were bursting at the seams in our starter home and looking for a larger home for our growing family.  Now we are downsizing because our kids are growing up and moving out.  It all happened so fast.  Wasn’t I just the young mom of five children busily changing diapers, giving baths, making lunches, and cleaning up kid messes?  Now I’m preparing for graduations, and soon will be planning for weddings and grandbabies.  A grandma!  Oh my!  I’m surely not old enough to be a grandma.  Yet, ready or not, the winds of change are upon me once again, just like the spring wind in Colorado.  Life is full of change.  I’ve discovered that I should never become too complacent with the status quo, because change is always around the corner.  I can choose to let it annoy me, or I can embrace it and accept it.  It is inevitable. It’s part of life.

Tomorrow is a day of new beginnings and change – yet again!


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